Rental TypeWalk In RateOnline Reservation Rate
Demo Package$76$62
Demo Ski Only$67$55
Beginner Package$56$46
Beginner Ski Only$49$40
Junior Package$45$37
Snowboard Package$67$55
Helmet Only$15$13
DPS Ski Package$100$81
DPS Ski Only$89$73
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Rental TypeWalk In RateTivoli Guest Rate
Demo Package$76$61
Demo Ski Only$67$54
Beginner Package$56$45
Beginner Ski Only$49$39
Junior Package$45$36
Snowboard Package$67$54
Helmet Only$15$12
DPS Ski Package$100$79
DPS Ski Only$89$71

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Rental TypeChristiania Guest Rate
Demo Package$61
Demo Ski Only$54
Beginner Package$45
Beginner Ski Only$39
Junior Package$36
Snowboard Package$54
Helmet Only$12
DPS Ski Package$79
DPS Ski Only$71

  • All packages include skis, boots, and poles.
  • After 5 rental days, the 6th day is FREE!
  • All prices listed above are per day and per person.
  • The online reservation discount may not be combined with any other offers or discounts from Troy’s Ski Shop including but not limited to 20% discount promotional cards.