DPS Skis!

For the 2023-2024 season, Troy’s Ski Shop will be the ONLY official dealer of DPS skis in Vail Village. DPS offers a quiver of skis with space-age carbon technology and groundbreaking shapes, resulting in the world’s most advanced skis.

Stop by this winter and demo DPS skis before you buy to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Rental TypeWalk In RateOnline Reservation Rate
DPS Ski Package$104$85
DPS Ski Only$95$78

Apply Once, Glide Forever



Troy’s Ski Shop has the ONLY PHANTOM curing station in Vail Village. Stop in today and get a permanent, waxless glide!

PHANTOM Glide differs from traditional wax because wax is not permanent. Wax is a temporary glide solution that functions only by coating the top layer of your base. After just a few runs, traditional wax wears off and glide performance diminishes.

Simply put, PHANTOM Glide makes skiing and snowboarding more fun. Beyond that, there are three key benefits of PHANTOM Glide:

Permanence: Waxing skis and snowboards is time-consuming and for optimal results, it needs to be done frequently. With just one application of PHANTOM Glide, your bases are effectively treated, and will provide you with increased glide for the life of your ski or board. Continuously buying and dripping wax onto your bases gets expensive, especially if you’re getting it done by a shop a few times a season. PHANTOM Glide is a one-time investment that pays for itself each time you go skiing or snowboarding. 

Performance: Increased glide allows for better control and predictability on snow, creating an overall better experience on the mountain. It’s a game changer for both skiers and snowboarders.

Environment: PHANTOM Glide possesses no environmental harm, and it doesn’t wear off in the snow and end up downstream. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader with our eco-conscious base treatment.

DPS Phantom Application ServicesPrice
Phantom Formula Only$99
Installation with Formula Purchase$60
Installation without Formula Purchase$100

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  1. Just packed Jill’s “new” DPS skis in our tube for flight out tomorrow. Super psyched. Thanks so much for your help…truly great experience!

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