Men’s Demo Package Skis

Our Men’s Demo Package Skis are put together for a wide variety of skiers looking for everything from all mountain cruising to hard charging and powder specific skiing. For the 2022-2023 season, we’ve got a selection of brand new skis from manufacturers such as DPS, Dynastar, Elan, Head, Nordica and Salomon. Check out some of our favorite skis below.

DPS Pagoda 90 RP
(90mm waist. Easily hold a high power carve and release the edge at will.)

DPS Pagoda 100 RP
(100mm waist. Powerful and productive in a carve, but forgiving enough to slide and pivot.)

DPS Pagoda 106 C2
(106mm waist. Smoothness, balance, and power in an all mountain, everyday shape.)

DPS Pagoda 112 RP
(112mm waist. Consistent and playful ski for ultimate powder performance and versatility.)

DPS Pagoda 117 Lotus
(117mm waist. Big float in deep snow.)

Dynastar M-Pro 90
(90mm waist. Refined maneuverability and ample chargeability on steeps, bumps, and beyond. Pick your width depending on conditions!)

Dynastar M-Free 99 and 108
(99mm and 108mm waist. Perfect skis for the advanced to expert skier who is seeking true all-mountain versatility for tearing up the mountain on piste and off.)

Elan Ripstick 88
(88mm waist. Agile, smooth, and easy to ski. Excels on piste or off.)

Elan Wingman 82ti
(82mm waist. Nimble and quick, the Wingman carves like a knife on hard pack.)

Head Kore 87, 93, 99
(87mm, 93mm, or 99mm waist. Incredibly light weight and nimble. Take your pick based on snow conditions!)

Nordica Enforcer 94
(94mm waist. Precise, quick, and powerful. Great for firmer days.)

Salomon Stance 80
(80mm waist. Progressive sidecut and confidence building stability for intermediate skiers looking to progress.)