Men’s Demo Package Skis

Our Men’s Demo Package Skis are put together for a wide variety of skiers looking for everything from all mountain cruising to hard charging and powder specific skiing. For the 2018-2019 season, we’ve got a selection of brand new skis from manufacturers such as Armada, Blizzard, DPS, Head, K2, Line, and Solomon. Check out some of our favorite skis below.

Armada Tracer 98
(98mm waist. Performs remarkably well on just about any given day, in any given conditions.

Armada Tracer 108
(108mm waist. Impressively light build that’s built for hard-charging in off-piste conditions.)

Blizzard Bonafide
(98mm waist. Powerful and strong all mountain ski for aggressive skiers.)Blizzard Brahma
(88mm waist. Narrower version of the Bonafide with a bias towards harder snow conditions.)DPS Wailer 99 Alchemist
(99mm waist. Pure Carbon Fiber core and a nimble shape make this an all mountain resort ripper.)DPS Wailer 106 Alchemist 
(106mm waist. Hits the sweet spot in your ski quiver. Strong everywhere, especially in mixed conditions.)DPS Wailer Pure 112RP.2
(112mm waist. Pure Carbon Fiber core with wider waist for more float on the deep days.)

Head Kore 93
(93mm waist. All the power of a big burly ski in a lightweight, easy to maneuver package.)

Head Kore 99
(99mm waist. A lightweight ski that floats in powder, but stays stiff enough for the groomers.)

Head Kore 105
(105mm waist. Light and surfy for the deeper days for when you’re ready to point it.)Head V6
(78mm waist. This year’s all mountain, do it all ski for Vail.)

Head Super Shape Rally
(75mm waist. Ultimate carving / race machine.)K2 Pinnacle 88
(88mm waist. Well rounded, all mountain ski.)

Line Sick Day 88
(88mm waist. For firm groomers, slushy bumps, and perfect windpack, this ski does it all.)

Line Sick Day 94
(94mm waist. Bigger brother of the 88 with more ability all over the mountain.)

Line Honey Badger
(92mm waist. Born in the park, evolved for the whole mountain.)

Salomon QST 85
(85mm waist. Lively ski ready for intermediate, all mountain adventures.)Salomon QST 92
(92mm waist. Stiffer version of the 85 for off-piste adventures.)

Salomon XDR 84
(84mm waist. Open it up on the corduroy with perfectly connected carving.)

Women’s Demo Package Skis

Our Women’s Demo Package Skis have flex, length, and weight designed specifically for female skiers looking to do it all on the mountain – groomers, powder, you name it. For the 2018-2019 season, we’ve got some revolutionary skis from brands such as Armada, Blizzard, DPS, Head, K2, Line, and Solomon. We included some of our favorites here.

Armada Trace 98
(98mm waist. Performance and versatility in a lightweight ski.)Armada Trace 108
(108mm waist. Crush it on your pow day in this lightweight floaty ski.)

Blizzard Black Pearl
(88mm waist. Fun on groomers, soft bumps, and crud. Feels stable everywhere.)DPS Nina 99 Alchemist
(99mm waist. Pure Carbon Fiber. A solid one ski quiver to do everything at Vail.)

DPS Yvette 112 Alchemist
(112mm waist. Pure Carbon Fiber. Elevate your pow day experience, even after things get tracked out.)

DPS Zelda 106 Alchemist
(106mm waist. Pure Carbon Fiber. From big lines in the back to late afternoon groomers, this one does it all.)

Head Total Joy
(85mm waist. Lightweight ski for aggressive female riders looking to do it all.)Line Pandora 84
(84mm waist. All mountain width of the popular Pandora series.)

Line Pandora 94
(94mm waist. Wider version of the Pandora for deeper conditions.)

Salomon Aira 76
(76mm waist. Soft and lightweight ski for all day groomer runs.)

Salomon Aira 80ti
(80mm waist. Slightly wider and stiffer version of the Aira for harder chargers.)

Snowboard Package

Our line of snowboards from Salomon for 2018-2019. The boards range from great intermediate boards for all mountain riding to wider powder oriented boards for deeper days. Whether it’s one member of the family who wants to ride, or the whole gang, we’ve got you covered. Check out a few of our boards before you arrive…

Salomon Wild Card
(Medium flex board with rocker tip and tail for all mountain riding.)


Salomon Super 8
(Surfy powder oriented board that still rips on groomers.)


Salomon Lotus
(Soft, forgiving flex. Ideal for the aspiring female rider.)


Junior Package Skis

Our junior demo package was made for both young skiers just getting started and those looking to take their skiing to the next level this year. For the 2018-2019 season, we have skis from Dynastar and Salomon sure to get the young ripper in your family ready to ride all day long.

Dynastar Legend X Pro
(90mm waist. A more aggressive twin designed for kids ready to slay the powder.)Dynastar Serial 80
(80mm waist. A more aggressive twin designed for kids excelling on the slopes.)


Salomon Lux Jr
(67mm waist. For the young female rippers.)


Salomon NFX Jr
(80mm waist. Free ride ski for the youngster looking to progress their skills.)


Salomon QST Max Jr.
(67mm waist. The perfect ski for those just starting out.)


Beginner Package Skis

Our Sport Package Skis for the 2018-2019 season are intended for those who are just learning to ski. Recommended by many Vail Ski School instructors, these skis are very forgiving and will help make your first days on the mountain as easy as possible. Come on in and we’ll get you set up!

Salomon X Drive Focus
(76mm waist. Confidence inspiring, entry level shaped ski. Designed for beginners).


Salomon R10 ShortMax
(78mm waist. Playful and easy to turn twin tip for perfect control on your first runs.)


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