Are you making multiple ski trips to Vail throughout the season? Don’t want to lug your equipment back and forth? Available on a limited basis, we are offering long term storage boxes for ski accessories (helmets, gloves, goggles, etc), with the option to add storage for boots and skis.

27 Gallon Bin

The storage bins come with a lock and are stored securely. Give us 48-hours notice and we can have all your things ready at the shop or arrange for delivery to your residence. Multiple packages are available depending on your needs.

The Gear Concierge service is NOT daily storage and it’s NOT a personal locker room. It’s a way to keep your gear in Vail where you like to ski and not have to haul things from your home to the mountains each trip.

Please call the shop for availability.

Gear Concierge Pricing

Storage BinPriceNotes
27 Gallon Bin$528 / Year
55 Gallon Bin$748 / Year
Add 1 Pair Ski Boots+$50 / Year*With Bin Storage Purchase
Add 1 Pair Skis+$150 / Year*With Bin Storage Purchase