Men’s Demo Package Skis

Our Men’s Demo Package Skis are put together for a wide variety of skiers looking for everything from all mountain cruising to hard charging and powder specific skiing. For the 2016-2017 season, we’ve got a selection of brand new skis from manufacturers such as Armada, Blizzard, DPS, Dynastar, Head, K2, Line, and Solomon. Check out some of our favorites.

Armada TST
(102mm waist. Combines float with stability and power.)


Blizzard Bonafide
(98mm waist. Powerful and strong all mountain ski for aggressive skiers.)


Blizzard Brahma
(88mm waist. Narrower version of the Bonafide with a bias towards harder snow conditions.)


Blizzard Peacemaker
(103mm waist. Playful ski with softer flex for fun in all snow conditions.)


DPS Wailer Pure 99
(99mm waist. Pure Carbon Fiber core and a nimble shape make this an all mountain resort ripper.)2015_DPS_Wailer99

DPS Wailer Foundation 99 
(99mm waist. Fusion core made of carbon, bamboo, and glass.)


DPS Wailer Pure 112RP.2
(112mm waist. Pure Carbon Fiber core with wider waist for more float on the deep days.)2015_DPS_Wailer112RP2

DPS Wailer Foundation 112
(112mm waist. Fusion core made of carbon, bamboo, and glass.)


Dynastar Slicer
(98mm waist. Classic all mountain twin for ripping everywhere in all conditions.)


Dynastar Speed Zone 12
(72mm waist. Ripping front side ski for aggressive carving.)


Dynastar Speed Zone 6
(74mm waist. Intermediate front side carving ski.)


Head Monster 88
(88mm waist. Rockered tip and multi-radius sidecut for all mountain dominance.)head-monster-88

Head Power Instinct Ti Pro
(81mm waist. All mountain ski with graphene for lightweight stability.)


Head Strong Instinct Ti Pro
(82mm waist. Intermediate, forgiving all mountain ski.)


Head Super Shape 

(75mm waist. Razor sharp for front side carving.)


K2 Pinnacle 88
(88mm waist. Well rounded, all mountain ski.)


Line Sick Day 95
(95mm waist. Snappy, yet playful ski with early rise and directional flex.)line-sick-day-95

Line Sick Day 102
(102mm waist. Bigger brother of the 95 with more float.)line-sick-day-102

Line Sir Francis Bacon
(104mm waist. For the skier whose playground is the entire mountain.)


Nordica NRG 90
(90mm waist. Modern and versatile ski with a lightweight core.)


Nordica Enforcer
(100mm waist. Chews up powder, crud, and groomers with ease.)


Salomon QST 85
(85mm waist. Lively ski ready for intermediate, all mountain adventures.)


Salomon QST 92
(92mm waist. Slightly wider version of the QST85 for more advanced skiers looking to explore more terrain.)