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Junior Bikes

Kids love bikes, and we’ve got your whole family covered with a range of sizes for the young rippers. Anything from a junior bike with front suspension, to a bike with training wheels, to trail-a-bikes for the young ones that aren’t quite ready to ride alone yet. Our friendly staff will make sure everyone has a great day biking.

Rocky Mountain  Vertex 24
(24 in. Front suspension bikes with disc brakes for advanced young riders)


Haro Flightline 24
(Front suspension bikes for intermediate and advanced young riders)

haro flightline 24

Haro Flightline 20
(Slightly smaller version of the Flightline 24, front suspension bike for intermediate and advanced young riders)


(For kids too old for a trailer but too young to keep up on their own bike).


Burley Trailer
(Take the kids for a ride).